Arborists Struggle For Workers’ Compensation Solutions

It looks as though some industries are not covered by workman’s comp insurance, and here is one of them.

Of the numerous industries we provide PEO services to, the arborist (or tree service) business may be the industry that benefits the most. Why?

The stereotype regarding tree service companies is that of a bunch a guys running around without an office- uninsured, working out of their trucks. And reality is, for the most part that’s true! But states and insurance companies make it almost impossible for arborist to get started legally and grow a thriving business.

For starters, there are few traditional insurance companies that provide workers’ compensation for arborists. Those that do want only the very large, established companies with a great safety record (wouldn’t it be nice if we ALL got to cherry pick our customers!). Until employee leasing services, smaller or new tree service employers had one option- the state work comp program.

This meant filling out lots of paperwork and paying thousands of dollars up front just to get started. Then, because you have to use their services (since there are no other options) you’re charged a premium for that as well. Who can afford that?

Arborist and tree service companies have discovered employee leasing services to be the cost-effective solution for growth and profitability.

An arborist can save 15-40% on their work comp rates with employee leasing services and can start with as little as a few hundred dollars to $0 down- pay as you go.

Plus, the employee leasing company will manage the employer’s payroll- from providing employee checks to depositing all the payroll tax deposits. And you’ll never deal with audits, W-2’s or government payroll reports again.

If you haven’t looked into the benefits of employee leasing for your tree service business, call us today. You’ll be amazed at what you could be saving on workers’ compensation insurance and how much more of your profits you’ll keep.

Author: Mike Burgelin

Mike Burgelin


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If the “tree guy” doesn’t carry worker’s compensation insurance for his buddy, chances are the buddy will have to sue someone to pay for the medical bills. Well he isn’t going to sue the “tree guy,” because what is he going to do with a saw and an old pickup truck? … Look for companies that are accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (formerly the National Arborists Association) and staffed by arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.

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There are no state regulations requiring knowledge and proficiency in tree service, liability insurance or worker’s compensation insurance – although the arboriculture industry in Florida is lobbying for such consumer protections.

Arborists and Workers Comp

Let’s start with workers’ compensation insurance. arborist and tree service companies across the country pay some of the highest workers’ compensation rates of any industry.