Worker’s Comp or Disability

If you are not able to work as a result of an illness or injury, you may be eligible to receive workman’s compensation or disability benefits.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be one or the other, or both.  If you are injured or become sick on the job you are generally covered by state worker’s compensation laws.  By law, employers are required to have workman’s compensation insurance for their employees except for a few situations.  The benefits from this insurance will help cover lost wages and medical expenses.  However, in terms of wages, you will only recive a portion (about two-thirds in most cases).  However, in many states if you own a significant portion of the company (say 10% or more), then you will not be covered by worker’s comp. If you are in this category personally then you would need separate disability insurance to cover lost wages if you are out of work for an extended period of time.

Now, if you are unable to work for an extended period of time and  whatever caused this circumstance, injury or a health issue, then you may be covered by disability insurance.  Disability benefits kick in for some employees who are  unable to work for an extended period of time (either after 60, 90, or 180 days depending on the policy).  This is separate insurance that covers you for lost wages if you are unable to perform your current job for an extended length of time.

If you have worked and paid into Social Security, you may be able to collect benefits if you have a medical condition that meets their disability requirements.  These benefits will be payable after you have been out for 180 days.

Disability Insurance

That’s why many financial experts refer to disability coverage as a “forgotten” safety net. While many Americans help protect their family’s financial future with life insurance, only a small fraction of today’s workers have set up a plan for disability. [….]


How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

While I’ve talked about the importance of having disability insurance in the past, a lot of questions still arise regarding Social Security disability benefits. […]


Supplemental Disability Insurance

Group disability coverage at work has its place. It is usually very inexpensive and, quite honestly, people don’t think much about it. It’s a cheap add-on when signing up for life insurance during annual open enrollment. […]


Workmans Comp Florida

Workers Compensation Fl Realities

The sunny state of Florida is well known for its warm temperatures, nice weather, and beautiful attractions. It has a lot of things to offer children, adults, elderly, tourists and even animals. Well Florida has not only a variety of people, cultures and attractions, but also a variety of jobs and employees. The workers compensation FL insurance covers all types of businesses from desk jobs, to road jobs, and even mining or pool jobs.

Although some jobs are more easily to get hurt on the others, all have things that can happen. A secretary or typist may get an issue like carpel tunnel while a miner may fall down a hole and break his or her leg. The possibility of a death experience or near death experience is scary, but very much a reality.

Unfortunately many workers in Florida do not have workers compensation. Well, that is many construction workers. The reason for this is many construction companies feel that while using subcontractors you do not need compensation for the workers. However by Florida law they need to be offered the choice of getting workers compensation regardless. Although they wish not to, it is important for businesses to give their construction workers as well as subcontractors workers compensation.

Florida workers comp

Failure to do so can result in a lot of money loss and issues for Florida businesses. The state has regulations and statutes that hold the workers best interests at hearts. That means workers compensation in case of a tragedy occurring while working. That is it’s mental, physical, emotional or death.

Workers compensation plans can be expensive but in the state of Florida there are many that are affordable. You can look into some so that you are covered, that you can actually afford without cutting too many corners. As long as you have internet access you can go online, find and fill out a quick form and get quotes online. Then you can choose which plan suits you and your needs best. From there you’re ready and set to go.

It is important for workers compensation fl insurance to be a part of every business whether small, large, a regular business or even a home based business. All should be protected so that worse options do not occur when something goes wrong. So pay close attention, read attentively and look over your options and plans offered and received.

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Florida’s Injured Workers

The proposed law aims to reduce the costs of workers’ compensation in Florida by limiting attorneys’ fees available for those representing injured workers. As a practical matter, this will severely limit the ability of injured workers to seek compensation.

Florida Workers Comp

Supporters of the legislation, led by the Florida Chambers of Commerce, argue that this is the only way to reduce costs, and without caps on attorney’s fees, Florida worker compensation insurance premiums would again be among the highest in the nation. The state’s trial attorneys say … A recent study by the Department of Worker’s Compensation found litigation has declined since the restrictions imposed in 2003, while the number of denied claims has steadily increased.

Workers Comp Rights

Workers Compensation Rights (Workman’s Comp) News and Information. Stay Informed, Know Your Rights. … In this letter reprinted in the May 18 edition of the Palm Beach Post, Bill Herrle, the Florida executive director of the National Federation of Independent Business, urges Governor Crist to sign CS/HB 903. Mr. Herrle rejects as “unfounded” any fears that the bill will make it more difficult for injured workers to obtain representation in workers’ compensation cases.

Arborists Struggle For Workers’ Compensation Solutions

It looks as though some industries are not covered by workman’s comp insurance, and here is one of them.

Of the numerous industries we provide PEO services to, the arborist (or tree service) business may be the industry that benefits the most. Why?

The stereotype regarding tree service companies is that of a bunch a guys running around without an office- uninsured, working out of their trucks. And reality is, for the most part that’s true! But states and insurance companies make it almost impossible for arborist to get started legally and grow a thriving business.

For starters, there are few traditional insurance companies that provide workers’ compensation for arborists. Those that do want only the very large, established companies with a great safety record (wouldn’t it be nice if we ALL got to cherry pick our customers!). Until employee leasing services, smaller or new tree service employers had one option- the state work comp program.

This meant filling out lots of paperwork and paying thousands of dollars up front just to get started. Then, because you have to use their services (since there are no other options) you’re charged a premium for that as well. Who can afford that?

Arborist and tree service companies have discovered employee leasing services to be the cost-effective solution for growth and profitability.

An arborist can save 15-40% on their work comp rates with employee leasing services and can start with as little as a few hundred dollars to $0 down- pay as you go.

Plus, the employee leasing company will manage the employer’s payroll- from providing employee checks to depositing all the payroll tax deposits. And you’ll never deal with audits, W-2’s or government payroll reports again.

If you haven’t looked into the benefits of employee leasing for your tree service business, call us today. You’ll be amazed at what you could be saving on workers’ compensation insurance and how much more of your profits you’ll keep.

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Hire Professional Tree Care

If the “tree guy” doesn’t carry worker’s compensation insurance for his buddy, chances are the buddy will have to sue someone to pay for the medical bills. Well he isn’t going to sue the “tree guy,” because what is he going to do with a saw and an old pickup truck? … Look for companies that are accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (formerly the National Arborists Association) and staffed by arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Beware of cut-rate prices for tree trims

There are no state regulations requiring knowledge and proficiency in tree service, liability insurance or worker’s compensation insurance – although the arboriculture industry in Florida is lobbying for such consumer protections.

Arborists and Workers Comp

Let’s start with workers’ compensation insurance. arborist and tree service companies across the country pay some of the highest workers’ compensation rates of any industry.

Insurance for Workers Compensation


The United States, amongst other countries has laws in place to protect employees in case they become ill or suffer work place injury. In a nutshell this program is known as workers compensation insurance.

The specific coverage and the eligibility criteria for workers compensation insurance varies from state to state. For example in some states the coverage is extended to the worker’s family in case the employee sustains a long term injury. In other states the laws could be quite different. This is why it is always advised to check out the details associated with the program according to your state.

The coverage is not the only thing that varies from state to state. Each state also outlines the range of injuries and illnesses that are to be compensated for along with the type of award. Laws framed on the federal level are only applicable to government employees and those individuals involved in interstate commerce.

In general, workers compensation insurance covers work related illnesses and all other kinds of accidents in the work place. Employees harmed while conducting business outside of the work place may also be liable to receive an award under the program. For example if an employee is injured while making a delivery for his company he will be covered by the compensation program.

It is also important to know that the workers compensation insurance is not just limited to medical expenses. Rather it also protects employees from losing all their income in seeking treatment for an illness or injury. Hence when an employee covered by the compensation program is undergoing treatment and unable to attend work he may still be paid up to 2/3 of his salary. In case the employee has been permanently disabled, this amount may be far greater.

Some states also include vocational rehabilitation under their workers compensation insurance programs. This happens when an employee suffers from a disease or injury that makes him unable to perform his previous job. In such cases he will be able to undergo vocational training for a new skill so that he can find a new job. In other cases the company may be forced to create a new opening for the disabled individual.

As beneficial as these programs are employees often have to fight lengthy cases to receive the compensation they are entitled to. This is why it is important to go through the right sources from the start. Otherwise you may end up hiring an attorney to fight your case that you will end up paying as well. It is highly advised to read up on what your rights are under this program according to your state regulations. Most will even offer you free initial consultation. In other cases attorneys don’t charge until the employee receives a settlement.

You can also take assistance form organizations that specialize in providing legal advise to employees and companies on how to find the best workers compensation and general liability insurance solutions.

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Find expert guidance for Workers Compensation Insurance at The website provides news and information to companies looking to obtain the program for their business.

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States watch Chrysler’s impact on workers’ comp

It purchases workers’ comp insurance in some states while self-insuring in others, according to various state regulator databases.  Cox filed a motion in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, which is handling the Chrysler bankruptcy, last week objecting to some of the language in Chrysler’s bankruptcy filings. He said filings show there is potential for Chrysler and a buyer of its assets to disregard the auto manufacturer’s existing workers’ comp obligations.

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