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The sunny state of Florida is well known for its warm temperatures, nice weather, and beautiful attractions. It has a lot of things to offer children, adults, elderly, tourists and even animals. Well Florida has not only a variety of people, cultures and attractions, but also a variety of jobs and employees. The workers compensation FL insurance covers all types of businesses from desk jobs, to road jobs, and even mining or pool jobs.

Although some jobs are more easily to get hurt on the others, all have things that can happen. A secretary or typist may get an issue like carpel tunnel while a miner may fall down a hole and break his or her leg. The possibility of a death experience or near death experience is scary, but very much a reality.

Unfortunately many workers in Florida do not have workers compensation. Well, that is many construction workers. The reason for this is many construction companies feel that while using subcontractors you do not need compensation for the workers. However by Florida law they need to be offered the choice of getting workers compensation regardless. Although they wish not to, it is important for businesses to give their construction workers as well as subcontractors workers compensation.

Florida workers comp

Failure to do so can result in a lot of money loss and issues for Florida businesses. The state has regulations and statutes that hold the workers best interests at hearts. That means workers compensation in case of a tragedy occurring while working. That is it’s mental, physical, emotional or death.

Workers compensation plans can be expensive but in the state of Florida there are many that are affordable. You can look into some so that you are covered, that you can actually afford without cutting too many corners. As long as you have internet access you can go online, find and fill out a quick form and get quotes online. Then you can choose which plan suits you and your needs best. From there you’re ready and set to go.

It is important for workers compensation fl insurance to be a part of every business whether small, large, a regular business or even a home based business. All should be protected so that worse options do not occur when something goes wrong. So pay close attention, read attentively and look over your options and plans offered and received.

By: Walter Sigmore

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Florida’s Injured Workers

The proposed law aims to reduce the costs of workers’ compensation in Florida by limiting attorneys’ fees available for those representing injured workers. As a practical matter, this will severely limit the ability of injured workers to seek compensation.

Florida Workers Comp

Supporters of the legislation, led by the Florida Chambers of Commerce, argue that this is the only way to reduce costs, and without caps on attorney’s fees, Florida worker compensation insurance premiums would again be among the highest in the nation. The state’s trial attorneys say … A recent study by the Department of Worker’s Compensation found litigation has declined since the restrictions imposed in 2003, while the number of denied claims has steadily increased.

Workers Comp Rights

Workers Compensation Rights (Workman’s Comp) News and Information. Stay Informed, Know Your Rights. … In this letter reprinted in the May 18 edition of the Palm Beach Post, Bill Herrle, the Florida executive director of the National Federation of Independent Business, urges Governor Crist to sign CS/HB 903. Mr. Herrle rejects as “unfounded” any fears that the bill will make it more difficult for injured workers to obtain representation in workers’ compensation cases.

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