Submitting Claims To The Workers Compensation Bureau

Submitting Claims To The Workers Compensation Bureau

When you are a victim of an accident that occurred at work you will want to make sure that you look for help from a workers compensation attorney to assist you in filing the proper claim into your states workers compensation bureau. Each state has their own bureau so you will want to look into a localized attorney to assist you with your claim. An attorney can help you get all the compensation that you are entitled to receiving, so make sure to request their help.

There is much behind the workers compensation law making it difficult to understand and each state has their own specific laws making it even more complicated to fully understand all aspects. Each bureau has gone through to develop some of the best laws to protect businesses and employees, but it still can be hard knowing all the laws involved. With a little help from a workers compensation attorney though you can get a better understanding and have someone who’s trained in the area to help you with your claim.

With a claim you will right away have to inform your employer about the accident that has occurred so that there is an accident report on file. You should inform them right away so that you don’t miss the deadline of your state for letting the employer know or your claim could already be denied meaning you won’t receive any compensation.

Each bureau will have its own timeframe as to when you can file a claim up until so make sure you are fully aware of this timeframe just in case an injury does occur. If you’ve obeyed all the areas in your states bureau you are more likely to be approved for your claim and receive all the necessary compensation you are entitled to.

Some things that you could be covered for by your bureau include:

Medical Benefits

Total Disability Benefits

Partial Disability Benefits

Death Benefits

Specific Loss Benefits


The areas that you are covered on will depend on what your bureau entails so ensure that you have been made aware of the areas that you are covered for when you are filing your claim. Usually you will be covered for at least two thirds of your weekly wage, but you could see that your benefits are lowered if you receive payments from other things such as security, severance pay, pensions, or unemployment compensation.

Each workers compensation bureau has their own laws and regulations so make sure that you’ve made yourself aware before you file any claim for compensation of an injury. The laws and regulations could change occasionally so make sure you keep yourself updated so you can stay fully protected from any unexpected injuries while working.

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Who Processes Mileage Reimbursement

I’d like to submit for about 900 miles of doctors visits so far in my case. I’m wondering who actually processes this request. Do I send it to the Insurance Company? Or to the state workers compensation bureau? Does a clerk process it?

Possible Cost Saving Measures

If you have recently reduced employee’s hours or have experienced layoffs, you may be able to resubmit estimated payroll number which may reduce your workers compensation premiums. Contact your insurance broker or worker’s compensation insurance carrier to see if you … Employees submit ideas and formal plans on ways the company can save money. If the employee’s idea is implemented the company gives back a percentage of the savings to the employee who submitted the idea.

What Employers Need To Know Regarding Workers Compensation Insurance

This article explains what employers should understand about workman’s comp insurance.  This way, the employer can best determine under what circumstances a workman’s comp attorney  needs to be involved.

What Employers Need To Know About Workers Compensation Insurance

Certainly it is the primary responsibility of employers to ensure the safety of their employees by taking adequate measures to provide an environment that is as hazard free as possible. It is also worthy of mention that most employers are very aware of the need and do install necessary precautions and safety features. However, needless to say, whatever the efforts taken to avoid disaster, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Hence it becomes compulsory for employers worker compensation insurance.

When such an incident takes place, even though the entire fault may not lie with the employer, the repercussions have to be faced by him. A sensible idea would be for the employer to prepare for such awkward situations with some advance strategies. One of these strategies could be said to be the purchase of a worker insurance package of compensation.

Some of the benefits of purchasing such insurance are detailed below:

  • The largest benefit to the recipient buying insurance is common to all types of insurance. This is the fact that financial aid is available at a moment of crisis. A medical insurance package could be drawn upon to cover hospital bills of the beneficiary. In the same manner, worker insurance could protect the employer from having to face a legal claim and paying a large amount of money.
  • In more cases than not, the medical bills and expenses of an employee injured while on the job have to be taken care of by the employer. These are usually exorbitant charges in keeping with the current cost of health care in the United States which has sky rocketed to unmanageable proportions. A timely insurance package will in most cases extricate the employer from such a situation.
  • In the case of an employee that receives an injury while at work which causes permanent damage, the employer is liable to pay him or her two thirds portion of their wages. An insurance package would cover such contingencies as well.

Leaving aside the monetary benefits of a worker insurance package, the primary plus point could be said to be the ease of mind an employer would enjoy with an insurance package purchased well in time. A factor that should be noted is that benefits of insurance, as well as the terms and conditions attached, will vary from State to State.

A comparison of the regulations pertaining to the worker compensation insurance package of West Virginia and that of Florida makes this clear. Florida requires the company employs a specified minimum number of staff to be eligible to take out insurance, while in West Virginia all employees must be covered by insurance regardless of their number.

Whatever the state by state difference, insurance is an essential commodity for all employees. While varying terms and rules may result in the total compensation being affected in some part, insurance nevertheless provides adequate cover to buffer contingencies in all situations. It is always therefore best to study these terms and regulations, as well before purchasing Employers’ worker compensation insurance schemes from your local provider.

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Workers Comp Fraud

When is comes to employer-employee relationships, one thing to ccnsider is the fact that the work place become a place for workers comp fraud.

Workers’ compensation fraud is the most common and discussed form of fraud. Employers can easily deal with and prevent workers’ compensation fraud, but only if they are careful, diligent, and quick to attack it from every angle. Otherwise, it can cost businesses several salaries’ in fees. The most common form of claimant fraud occurs when an employee knowingly lies about an injury in order to collect benefits from the work place. Often times they will claim an injury occurred at work when in fact, it occurred at home. Others will exaggerate injuries, or continue to work after collecting benefits as a way of making extra money.

It is important to remain empathetic and compassionate when dealing with your employees. It is not fraudulent to collect benefits if an injury is in fact work-related. Keep in mind that most injured employees will not return to work until their doctors advise them to do so, so elongated periods of absence are not necessarily a sign of fraud.

disability test used for workers comp

If workers who exhibit one or more of the following behavioral patterns make any claims, contact your carrier immediately. Doing so may seem paranoid, but it will only help you save a great deal of money in the long run.

Remember that there is rarely an exact science to discovering and proving claimant fraud. There are a variety of things to look for, however, when a claim is made, or when you think a claim is about to be made. Disgruntled employees are often the most likely to act erratically. Many workers who are denied vacation time, demoted, or laid off will be in danger of fraudulent behavior. Keep an eye on such employees.

If an staff member becomes difficult to contact while collecting benefits, there is a chance that they are working another job at the same time. Keep track of the time it takes to get in touch with your employees.

Some claims will be made that involve an injury taking place without the presence of other witnesses. If that is the case, find out exactly what the employee was doing, why they were alone, and if it is in their job description to be in such a situation.

Statistics show that new employees are more likely to take advantage of their employers than those who have been with a company for an extended period of time. Keep a close eye on new workers, and keep track of their behavior. Statistics also show that a significant percentage of fraudulent claims involve accidents taking place on Mondays and Fridays.

Keep an account of the exact description of your employee’s accident. Some workers will give a different account of their injury to their employer and doctor. Inconsistency in retelling gives cause for suspicion.

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Mr. Oliver is a marketing agent of Stamp Out Fraud. The Virginia insurance fraud program provides help in stamping out insurance fraud throughout Virginia. For more information on their Insurance Fraud Program please visit their website.

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There’s been a growing awareness that employer premium fraud is a major problem for California’s workers’ comp system. Last week, out of Orange County, comes a primo example of the problem.

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A Saratoga County man who claimed he hurt his arm lifting sheet rock was taken into custody by New York State Police for allegedly returning to working while he collected workers’ compensation benefits from the New York State Insurance.

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A Washington County man who collected $83000 in workers’ compensation benefits by claiming a back injury prevented him from working was arrested Friday after investigators found that his reported injuries didn’t stop him from skydiving.